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Pixie Dance Floor

Pixie Dance Floor

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Introducing the ultimate test platform and circuit exploration center designed to reside right in your eurorack rack! This versatile module packs a wealth of features to enhance your experimentation and creativity.

At its core, you'll find a conveniently sized breadboard, 6 adaptable 3.5mm to pin header adapters, 2 potentiometers, and 2 SPDT switches, all thoughtfully integrated for easy access. With accessible power rails, you have everything you need for your circuit exploration journey.

This platform is your gateway to hands-on circuitry exploration, making it an excellent choice for your first soldering project. Dive into the world of DIY electronics with confidence, thanks to its through-hole components and straightforward design.

For added convenience, our pre-built modules come equipped with 10 high-quality machined pin header jumper cables. These essential tools ensure you're well-prepared for your circuit-building adventures, right from the start. Explore, create, and innovate with this versatile test platform, bringing your eurorack setup to new heights!

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