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Neural Net

Neural Net

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Introducing the Quad CV-Controlled SPDT switch, a versatile addition to your eurorack setup. This module brings four identical circuits in one, offering flexibility and creative possibilities at your fingertips.

Here's how it works: When the CV input is at a low voltage, the Common I/O is connected to the Normally Closed I/O. Conversely, when the CV input goes high, the Common I/O switches to the Normally Open I/O. This feature allows for dynamic signal routing and control, making it a valuable asset to your modular toolkit.

Like a true eurorack champion, this switch confidently handles the entire range of voltage levels, ensuring safety and reliability. Whether you're working with AC or DC signals, it adapts seamlessly.

Customization is key, and you have the option to include current limiting for added protection, preventing accidental output-to-output patching. On the other hand, you can omit it to maintain pristine gain levels and explore your sound without constraints.

For ultimate control and expression, you can modify the logic level for CV control. The default setting is about 100 millivolts, established by a resistor divider with 1k and 100k resistors closest to the TL074. However, we've designed this module to be adaptable to your preferences. By replacing the 1k resistor with a 10k resistor, you can set the logic level to 1 volt. Alternatively, using a 27k resistor will change it to approximately 2.5 volts. These adjustments allow you to fine-tune your module to suit your creative vision.

With this Quad CV-Controlled SPDT switch, you're in the driver's seat, shaping your sound and signal flow with precision and ease. Dive into a world of sonic exploration and discover new dimensions in your eurorack journey!


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