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Motor Cortex

Motor Cortex

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Introducing a dynamic and versatile 4-way sequential switch that's ready to elevate your eurorack experience. This bidirectional and bipolar marvel is designed for seamless routing and signal control.

Simply feed clock pulses into this switch, and watch as it selects which input connects to the output, or vice versa. This module gracefully handles the entire spectrum of eurorack voltage levels, ensuring a secure and reliable performance. Whether you're working with AC or DC signals, it adapts effortlessly, though, please note that with certain audio signals, a click may occur.

Customization is the name of the game with optional current limiting. Include it to safeguard your precious modules from accidental output-to-output patching, or omit it to maintain pristine gain levels and flexibility. And if you're keen on streamlining your signal path, patch one of the gate outputs or an external signal into the reset input to reduce the number of switch paths.

For ultimate control, the sleep input empowers you to pause the module at your command.

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