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Introducing a compact power bus board designed with versatility in mind. It offers a range of options to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Featuring double pads, this board allows for daisy-chaining if that's your preference. However, it's worth noting that connecting directly to the power supplies is generally the preferred method for optimal performance.

Safety-conscious users will appreciate the option to include fuses for added protection, but if you prefer a simplified setup, you can easily omit the fuses by soldering wires across the designated pads where the fuse clips would typically be placed.

The capacitors are also provided as an option, serving to enhance power filtering. Depending on your system's requirements, you can choose to include or skip the capacitors for a tailored power solution.

For those with systems that don't require a 5v rail, there's even the flexibility to omit both the fuse and the capacitor. This level of customization ensures that this power bus board can seamlessly adapt to your setup's specific demands.

The assembly process couldn't be simpler. Just ensure you check for any electrical shorts before plugging it in, and you're ready to power up your modular system. Explore the possibilities with this user-friendly power solution, offering the adaptability and safety you need for your eurorack setup.

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